LIVE STREAMING Mass from St. Margaret's

Sunday's at 10:30 a.m. on Facebook Live -

At this time we will continue streaming Sunday Mass through June 6, 2021 for the celebration of The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ.


  • At this time, no masks are required in the church. This will be monitored along with county health and the bishop's office should cases start to require facemasks in the future. Social distancing between non-family members is still required. Chairs in the worship space have been marked for social distancing but may be temporarily moved to accommodate families. Please put ribbons back in place after mass.

  • Collections - there are baskets on either side of the main two sections of chairs. Please place your gifts in one of the two baskets. Thank you for continuing to support St. Margaret's with your gifts.

  • All communion is to be taken in the hands and there will continue to be no precious blood distributed at mass at this time.

  • Please visit the Diocesan web site at for further information and details about Sunday mass and other sacraments.

  • The obligation to attend Sunday Mass continues to be suspended. If you are not feeling well, running a fever or exhibiting any symptoms of sickness, stay home and if serious call a doctor. Please join us for the Facebook Live stream of the Sunday Mass.


St. Michael - Conrad 5:30 pm

St. William - Shelby 7:00 p.m.


St. Margaret - 10:30 am

St. Francis - Valier 8:30 am

St. William - Shelby 10:30 am

St. Thomas - Sunburst 6:00 pm

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We have a program that you can access on-line. It is called FORMED. The RE classes are using it, but it is open to all. There are movies to watch or books you can read or listen to.

GO TO:, then follow directions if you are not registered. If you are registered click on your initials on the top right corner.